DENVER — Thursday, March 22, 2018 — Gov. John Hickenlooper signed these bills into law today.





SB 18-009

Allow Electric Utility Customers Install Energy Storage Equipment

Sens. Priola & Fenberg / Reps. Winter & Lawrence

Concerning the right of consumers of electricity to interconnect energy storage systems for use on their property.

SB 18-020

Registered Psychotherapists Auricular Acudetox

Sen. Garcia / Rep. Esgar

Concerning mental health care professionals who are permitted to perform auricular acudetox.

SB 18-046

Special License Plate Nonprofit Donation

Sen. Moreno / Reps. Michaelson Jenet & Winter

Concerning authorization to increase the minimum donation required to be issued a certificate that qualifies a person to be issued a group special license plate.

SB 18-093

Repeal Obsolete Medicaid Waiver Persons With AIDS

Sen. Moreno / Rep. Arndt

Concerning the repeal of obsolete provisions in the Colorado Medical Assistance Program relating to the inactive home- and community-based services waiver for persons living with AIDS

SB 18-101

Colorado State University Global Campus Student Admission Criteria

Sens. Holbert & Todd / Reps. Hamner & Van Winkle

Concerning student admission to Colorado State University - Global Campus.






SB 18-005





Rural Economic Advancement Of Colorado Towns





Sens. Donovan & Scott / Rep. Roberts

Concerning economic assistance for rural communities experiencing certain significant economic events that lead to substantial job loss in those communities, and, in connection therewith, authorizing the Department of Local Affairs to coordinate non-monetary assistance to assist rural communities with job creation or retention.

HB 18-1023

Relocate Title 12 Marijuana To New Title 44

Rep. Herod / Sen. Gardner

Concerning the nonsubstantive relocation of laws related to legalized marijuana from Title 12, Colorado Revised Statutes, as part of the organizational recodification of Title 12.

HB 18-1073

Water District Ability Contract Water Assets

Rep. Gray / Sen. Gardner

Concerning water districts' ability to enter into contracts regarding their water-related assets.

HB 18-1095

Educator License Requirements Military Spouses

Reps. Carver & Arndt / Sens. Gardner & Todd

Concerning educator licenses issued to military spouses.

HB 18-1005

Notice To Students Of Postsecondary Courses

Reps. Pettersen & Becker, J. / Sen. Priola

Concerning notice of postsecondary course enrollment options available to high school students.

HB 18-1032

Access Medical Records State Emergency Medical Services Patient Care Database

Reps. Kennedy & Thurlow / Sens. Fields & Tate

Concerning access to medical records from the Department of Public Health and Environment's EMS agency patient care database by health information organization networks.

HB 18-1051

Statutory Provisions Extinguish Unattended Fires

Reps. Hamner & Carver / Sens. Coram & Merrifield

Concerning statutory provisions enacted to promote the extinguishment of unattended fires.

HB 18-1052

Exception To 2-year Higher Education Service Areas

Reps. Lundeen & Bridges / Sen. Todd

Concerning local education providers' receipt of concurrent enrollment courses from a two-year institution of higher education outside of the institution's approved service area when the institution approved to serve the local education provider declines to provide concurrent enrollment courses.

HB 18-1141

Modernize Early Childhood Council Language

Rep. Hooton / Sen. Zenzinger

Concerning the removal of outdated references in statute to "early childhood care and education councils".

HB 18-1183

Sunset Repeal Dept Agriculture Regulation Home Sale Of Meat

Reps. Hooton & Ransom / Sens. Baumgardner

Concerning the continuation of the regulation of home food service plans pursuant to the "Sale of Meat Act", and, in connection therewith, implementing the Department of Regulatory Agency’s sunset review recommendation to repeal the act.

HB 18-1142

Remove Term "Pauper" From Colorado Revised Statutes

Reps. Hooton & Thurlow / Sens. Martinez Humenik & Zenzinger

Concerning modernizing language in statutory sections that refer to paupers.

SB 18-010

Residential Lease Copy And Rent Receipt

Sens. Martinez Humenik & Williams / Rep. Exum

Concerning the requirement that a residential landlord provide a tenant with specified documents relevant to the landlord-tenant relationship, and, in connection therewith, specifying rent receipts and copies of any written lease agreement as documents that must be provided.

SB 18-060

Protective Orders In Criminal Cases

Sen. Coram / Rep. Hamner

Concerning protective orders in criminal cases.

SB 18-069

Enforcement Statewide Degree Transfer Agreements

Sens. Holbert & Zenzinger / Reps. Garnett & Becker, J.

Concerning enforcement of statewide degree transfer agreements.

HB 18-1050

Competency To Proceed Juvenile Justice System

Rep. Singer / Sen. Fields

Concerning competency to proceed for juveniles involved in the juvenile justice system

HB 18-1066

Clarify Sexually Exploitative Material Discovery

Reps. Willett & Foote / Sen. Cooke

Concerning clarifying that the law enforcement and defense counsel exemption for sexual exploitation of a child crime does not change the discovery procedures for sexually exploitative material.

HB 18-1210

Administrator Of Judicial Security Peace Officer Status

Rep. Foote / Sen. Cooke

Concerning peace officer status for the administrator of judicial security in the Colorado Judicial Department.

HB 18-1045

Dental Hygienist Apply Silver Diamine Fluoride

Rep. Singer / Sen. Tate

Concerning the application of silver diamine fluoride to dental patients.

HB 18-1117

Self-service Storage Facility Personal Property Liens

Reps. Van Winkle & Coleman / Sen. Tate

Concerning liens that attach to personal property that is stored at a self-service storage facility.

HB 18-1249

Anvil Points Federal Mineral Lease Distribution

Reps. Rankin & Hamner / Sen. Lundberg

Concerning the requirement that the State Treasurer distribute any federal funds related to the naval oil shale reserve land to specified counties or their Federal Mineral Lease Districts.


For a list of the governor’s legislative actions, please visit here.