DENVER — Friday, April 15, 2016 — Gov. John Hickenlooper signed these bills into law today.





HB 16-1189

Bingo-raffle License Regulation Secretary Of State

Rep. Wist & Sen. Roberts

Concerning the regulation of bingo-raffle licensees.

HB 16-1090

Excess Foreclosure Proceeds Limit Finder’s Fee

Rep. McCann & Sen. Jahn

Concerning the conditions under which a person may assist another for compensation in obtaining the proceeds of a foreclosure sale after all liens have been satisfied.

HB 16-1103

License Pathways For Mental Health Workforce

Reps. Kraft-Tharp & Landgraf; Sens. Martinez Humenik & Todd

Concerning clarifying license pathways for the mental health professional workforce.

SB 16-125

Credit Union Governance

Sen. Holbert & Rep. Kraft-Tharp

Concerning the governance of credit unions, and, in connection therewith, authorizing the appointment of an audit committee in lieu of a supervisory committee and allowing the reasonable compensation of a director for his or her service to the credit union.

HB 16-1073

Electrical Industry Safety And Training Act

Reps. Duran & Delgrosso; Sens. Guzman & Scheffel

Concerning the qualifications of licensed electricians.

HB 16-1224

Treat Trafficking Of Children As Child Abuse

Rep. Lundeen & Sen. Woods

Concerning child abuse involving human trafficking of minors.

HB 16-1011

Metro Dist Authority Promote Business Development

Rep. Vigil;  Sens. Garcia & Grantham

Concerning the removal of restrictions on the authority of a board of a metropolitan district to provide activities in support of business development within the district.

HB 16-1170

Sunset Division Racing Events

Reps. Vigil & Coram; Sens. Sonnenberg & Garcia

Concerning the continuation of the Division of Racing Events in the Department of Revenue, and, in connection therewith, implementing recommendation 1 of the 2015 sunset report of the Department of Regulatory Agencies.

HB 16-1145

Documentary Fee For Residential Real Property

Rep. Lebsock & Sen. Tate

Concerning the determination of the documentary fee imposed for recording a grant or conveyance of residential real property.

HB 16-1106

County Authority To Designate Pioneer Trail

Rep. Wilson; Sens. Grantham & Garcia

Concerning the authority of a county to designate public roads as a section of a pioneer trail.

HB 16-1066

Habitual Domestic Violence Offenders

Rep. Roupe & Sen. Newell

Concerning an habitual domestic violence offender.

HB 16-1098

School Discipline Reporting Requirements

Rep. Lawrence & Sen. Newell

Concerning updates to provisions related to school discipline reporting.

HB 16-1236

Sunset Infection Control Advisory Committee

Rep. Primavera & Sen. Crowder

Concerning continuation of the infection control advisory committee.

HB 16-1149

Remove Budget Reporting Exemption HOAs Predate Act

Rep. Melton & Sen. Newell

Concerning a requirement that the executive board of a common interest community created in Colorado before July 1, 1992, comply with the budget reporting provision of the "Colorado Common Interest Ownership Act".

SB 16-013

Clean-up Office Of The Child Protection Ombudsman

Rep. Singer & Sen. Newell

Concerning statutory changes related to the office of the child protection ombudsman

For a list of Hickenlooper’s legislative decisions, please visit here.