DENVER — Wednesday, Nov. 7, 2018 — Gov. Hickenlooper today announced Boards and Commissions appointments to the Colorado Complete Count Campaign, High Performance Transportation Enterprise, and Private Occupational School Board.

The Colorado Complete Count Campaign shall promote and advertise the 2020 Census, respond to the population’s questions and concerns, focus resources on hard-to-count areas and populations, and ensure the highest participation rate possible.

For terms expiring July 31, 2020:

  • Jason A. Anderson of Denver, to serve as a representative of victim advocates, appointed;

  • Anthony Aragon of Denver, to serve as a representative of urban governments, appointed;

  • George Autobee of Colorado City, to serve as a representative of local business, appointed;

  • Bruce C. Barnum of Edgewater, to serve as a representative of a statewide policy organization, appointed;

  • Natriece L. Bryant of Aurora, to serve as the designee for the Executive Director of the Department of Local Affairs, and to serve as Chair, appointed.

The High-Performance Transportation Enterprise was created to actively seek out opportunities for public-private partnerships for the purpose of completing surface transportation infrastructure projects. The Transportation Enterprise pursues any available means of financing such surface transportation projects that will allow the efficient completion of the projects.

For a term expiring Oct. 11, 2019:

  • Margaret Bowes of Dillon, to serve as a member who resides within the Interstate 70 mountain corridor, and who has professional expertise in transportation planning or development, local government, design-build contracting, public or private finance, engineering, environmental issues, or any other area that the Governor believes will benefit the board in the execution of its powers and performance of its duties, and occasioned by the resignation of Thaddeus J. Noll of Breckenridge, appointed.

The Private Occupational School Board advises on standards for educational services in private occupational schools. The board also grants accreditation to schools that meet the standards established by the board.                                        

For a term expiring July 1, 2022:

  • Paul Edward Garibay, Jr. of Westminster, to serve as a representative of the general public, who is an owner or operator of a business within Colorado that employs students who are enrolled in schools that are subject to administration by the private occupational school division, reappointed.