DENVER — Monday, Jan. 9, 2017 — Gov. John Hickenlooper today announced the “Colorado Call for Innovation,” soliciting innovative approaches from nonprofits, local governments and service providers to improve outcomes for Colorado underserved youth and their families.

“The Colorado Call for Innovation is an ambitious statewide effort to catalyze collaboration to move the needle on measurable outcomes for children and their families,” Gov. Hickenlooper said.

The Call for Innovation (CFI), released by the Office of State Planning and Budgeting (OSPB), is focused primarily on two groups: child welfare-involved youth with low on-time high school graduation rates, and young first-time offenders who are briefly admitted to secure detention and then return to their families and communities.  

OSPB is interested in innovative approaches to boost high school graduations and reduce juvenile justice involvement, among other key outcomes of focus. OSPB is also interested in upstream preventive approaches for these youth, and in “two-generation” interventions that consider the needs of both youths and their families.

The Call for Innovation is connected to a Pay for Success feasibility study OSPB is conducting. Pay for Success is an innovative financing model linking funding for services to measurable outcomes and impact. OSPB received a federal grant via the Sorenson Impact Center, a Utah-based organization dedicated to innovative and evidence-based policymaking, in July last year to pursue this study. Additional background on the model and this OSPB project is available here.

OSPB will consider compelling ideas collected through the CFI for possible funding, either through a Pay for Success project or through the regular budgetary cycle.

To complete a CFI submission, organizations and local governments should provide responses to the questions in the “CFI Application” attachment by March 21, 2017. The full Call for Innovation is available here.