DENVER — Saturday, Dec. 2, 2017 — Gov. John Hickenlooper today released the following statement on the Senate’s vote of the tax bill:

“Tax reform should work for everyone, not just corporations. The bill, passed by the U.S. Senate under the cover of darkness, will borrow nearly $1.5 TRILLION from future generations.

“Thoughtful bipartisan analysis was ignored. Changes were made right up until the vote, with parts of the bill hand scribbled and illegible. This is not democracy the way the founders intended.

“This "reform" exaggerates the concentration of wealth in this country. Tax cuts for corporations are more than 42 percent and permanent. Tax cuts for individuals are minimal and temporary.

“It seriously weakens the Affordable Care Act, exploding costs in the private markets, and will separate up to 13 million people from their doctors.

“Tax reform should not come at the expense of hard-working families trying to pay for their homes and health care. This bill provides only short-term relief, and not much of that. Our future depends on the long game. The impact on future generations is far too great to let this vote be the final word.”