Colorado Cashback: Governor Polis, Legislative Leaders Announce New $400 Colorado Dividend for Every Hardworking Colorado Taxpayer

Monday, April 25, 2022

DENVER -  Today, Governor Jared Polis, House and Senate Legislative Leadership announced that Coloradans will receive $400 cash back this summer.

“People are paying more for everyday items like gas, groceries, and rent through no fault of their own. Instead of the government sitting on money that Coloradans earned, we want to give everyone cash back as quickly and easily as possible to provide immediate relief and empower people to do what they want to with their money,” said Governor Polis. 

“Coloradans are up against high rates of inflation and a rising cost of living – and they’re feeling the pinch,” said President Steve Fenberg, D-Boulder. “This year, we’re able to extend much needed support to families and individuals in the form of direct relief to taxpayers. We’re helping Coloradans make ends meet during this challenging time by putting money directly back into their wallets.”

“At a time where so many Coloradans are rebuilding what the pandemic has broken, inflation is stretching their paychecks thinner and thinner,” said Dominick Moreno D-Commerce City. “Sending a $400 or $800 refund to every taxpayer in the state relieves the financial pressure Coloradans are burdened with at the time where they need it the most.”

All eligible Colorado income tax filers will receive their rebate directly in the mail in August or September.  This rebate is available for all full time residents who have filed their 2021 tax returns by May 31st, 2022 which is about 3.1 million people.

“On the opening day of this legislative session, I said saving Coloradans money and making our state more affordable would be our top priority. We are delivering on that promise by saving people money on health care, universal preschool, and now, by sending every Colorado taxpayer an early refund of $400 that they can spend on food, gas, housing or everyday items,” said Speaker Alec Garnett, D-Denver. “These checks will provide immediate relief to Colorado families, who despite the rapid economic growth in our state and low unemployment rate, are feeling the pain of pandemic-induced inflation and rising costs.”

“Refunding $400 or $800 now to every taxpayer in our state will immediately help workers and middle class families who are feeling the rising costs of everyday items,” said Majority Leader Daneya Esgar, D-Pueblo. “People are working harder and harder to earn enough money to pay for what they need. We recognize this, and we are taking action by making our tax code more fair. Putting your money back in your pocket will help all areas of the state, including rural Colorado, and those communities who are still struggling to recover.”

The impacts of inflation and the cost of living are creating challenges for many Colorado families so the legislature, in partnership with Gov. Polis, is acting now to provide immediate tax relief for all Coloradans. The Colorado Cashback will provide a flat amount of $400 for a single filer or $800 for a joint filer.  The proposal being introduced at the legislature will give immediate relief to Coloradans, providing tax refunds by September 15 of this year, instead of the Spring of 2023.  

Colorado is experiencing the 5th fastest economic rebound in the country, with a more than 100% recovery rate of jobs lost during the pandemic and a 3.7% unemployment rate - the lowest since the pandemic began. The strong economic performance has led to a record state surplus that is being returned to taxpayers via a reduction in the rate of the income tax,  the senior homestead exemption, the Colorado dividend announced today, and a six-tiered sales tax rebate next year. 

The Colorado Cashback will add to the savings from the comprehensive tax reform legislation passed by the legislature and signed by Governor Polis last year that is putting money back into the pockets of Coloradans this year.  By repealing tax loopholes for large corporations and millionaires, the Governor and Democratic lawmakers secured hundreds of millions of dollars in tax relief for hard working Coloradans, seniors and small businesses.

Governor Polis in partnership with the state legislature has continued fighting to save people money. Free full day kindergarten is saving Colorado families roughly $500 per month and universal preschool will soon save families an average of $4300 per year. Governor Polis has cut taxes for small businesses and property taxes for homeowners, ended state taxes on social security, proposed relief on drivers license fees and vehicle registration fees, and is proposing to make it free for Coloradans to start their own businesses. 

Gov. Polis signed a bill sponsored by President Fenberg that lowered state parks passes by $50, the Governor also signed a bill sponsored by Rep. Dylan Roberts, to cap the cost of insulin, eliminated out-of-network billing through a bill led by House Majority Leader. Daneya Esgar and Sen. Pettersen, and is working to reduce the cost of prescription drugs.