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The Governor’s dashboard provides a summary of how we are doing across our five priorities that fulfill the vision of a truly Healthy Colorado across our people, our economy, our communities and our environment. At a glance you can view the status of each measure based on its indicator icon. View/download a pdf of this dashboard.

We welcome your feedback on these priorities. To provide your feedback, use the Governor's dashboard feedback form.

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Economic & Infrastructure Development       Environment & Energy       Health       Quality Government Services       Workforce Development & Education



On Track On Track
On track to meet 2018 goal.
Work in Progress Work in Progress
Some improvement but not enough to be on track. Also includes new metrics under development, or data not yet available.
Needs Improvement Needs Improvement
Needs improvement to meet 2018 goal.


Economic & Infrastructure DevelopmentECONOMIC & INFRASTRUCTURE DEVELOPMENT Make Colorado the best place to start and grow a business
Energy & EnvironmentENVIRONMENT & ENERGY Drive conservation with a purpose and ensure smart resource management

Goal: Improve air quality

Work in Progress Nitrogen dioxide emissions

Work in Progress Volatile organic compound emissions

 Carbon dioxide emissions

Work in Progress Market share of electric vehicles

Goal: Protect Colorado drinking water and waterways

Work in Progress Rivers/streams meeting standards

Work in Progress Lakes/reservoirs meeting standards

 Waterborne disease outbreaks

Needs Improvement Public drinking water systems meeting standards

Goal: Enhance land stewardship through increased conservation

Needs Improvement Funding for trails

 Acres of wetland restored, maintained, or enhanced

 Acres of prairie grassland restored, maintained, or enhanced

 Stream miles occupied by native Greenback Cutthroat Trout

Goal: Increase recreational usage

 State Park visits

 Hunting and fishing participants

Goal: Support responsible energy development

 Complaints resolved quickly

 High-priority issues reported and resolved

 Hard-rock mine inspections

Goal: Ensure a sustainable water future

 Acre-feet created with state financial support

 Acre-feet conserved as reported through conservation plans

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HealthHEALTH Become the healthiest state in the country

Goal: Support healthy weight of kids and adults

 Healthy weight kids

Needs Improvement Healthy weight adults

Goal: Reduce substance use disorder

Work in Progress Non-medical prescription drug use

Work in Progress High school student marijuana use

Goal: Reduce impact on daily life of mental illness

 Needs ImprovementSuicide rate

Work in Progress Integrated services for behavioral health and primary care

Goal: Increase immunization rate 

Work in Progress Kindergarten vaccination rate - DTaP

Work in Progress Kindergarten vaccination rate - MMR

 Kindergarten vaccine exemption rate

Goal: Improve health care coverage 

 Coloradans with health insurance

Goal: Improve value in health care service delivery

 Medicaid per capita total cost of care

Work in Progress Unhealthy days per month per patient

Learn more about Health goals and measures

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Quality Government ServicesQUALITY GOVERNMENT SERVICES Providing efficient, effective and elegant government services

Goal: Improve the DMV customer experience

 DMV office wait times for appointments

 Online driver’s license renewals

Goal: Reduce fatal and serious injury highway crashes 

Work in Progress Total customer experience time

Needs Improvement Fatal and serious injury crashes on state highways

Needs Improvement Fatalities on all Colorado highways

Goal: House veterans experiencing homelessness

Needs Improvement Days to place veterans experiencing homelessness in housing

Goal: Reduce the recidivism rate

Needs Improvement Recidivism rate in state prisons

  Parole revocations for technical violations

Learn more about Quality Government Services goals and measures

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Workforce Development & EducationWORKFORCE DEVELOPMENT & EDUCATION Grow the middle class by helping people connect to careers

Goal: Improve access to resources in the talent development system

  Employer satisfaction per survey

  Job seeker satisfaction per survey

Needs Improvement User satisfaction with talentFOUND

Goal: Increase job placement rate, retention and wage growth in state programs

  Employment rate 2nd qtr. after exit

  Employment rate 4th qtr. after exit

  Median earnings 2nd qtr. after exit

Needs Improvement Job placement for people with disabilities

Goal: Erase the equity gap

 Increase attainment for underserved students

Work in Progress Increase post secondary credentials for underserved students

Work in Progress Increase retention rates for underserved students

Goal: Every student graduates high school ready for college and careers

 Third grade English language arts proficiency

Work in Progress Math, science and language arts proficiency in all grades

Work in Progress High school graduation rates

Learn more about Workforce Development & Education goals and measures

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To provide your feedback on this dashboard, use the Governor's dashboard feedback form.