The Secretary of State's office publishes the Code of Colorado Regulations, the official record of all administrative rules adopted by State agencies.

On March 1, 2018, Governor Hickenlooper signed SB18-034 and SB18-035, effective October 1, 2018. SB18-034 concerns the relocation of laws related to the regulation of Limited Gaming from Title 12, Colorado Revised Statutes, to a new Title 44. This bill creates Article 30 of Title 44 and moves Limited Gaming laws to the new Article 30.  SB18-035 concerns the Colorado Gambling Payment Intercept Act (GPI).  GPI laws were also moved to the new Title 44, under the new Article 33.  The Division of Gaming is in the process of updating the Colorado Limited Gaming Act.  The document linked below HAS NOT been updated.  Links to both Senate Bills have been provided for your convenience in verifying the changes to the Statute numbers.  



Colorado Limited Gaming Act with Constitutional Amendment