• Colorado Energy Office Releases $370,000 in USDA Funds to Assist the Agricultural Industry

    Funding is available to Colorado agricultural irrigators, dairies, greenhouses, nurseries and cold storage facilities. The deadline to apply is July 13, 2018. 

  • Recycled Energy in Colorado

    Recycled energy is classified as an "eligible energy resource" under Colorado's Renewable Energy Standard, and in some parts of the state, utility incentives are available for recycled energy projects.

  • Colorado Electric Vehicle Plan

    The plan details a series of actions supporting EV infrastructure along Colorado’s corridors. It also lays out goals to accelerate adoption of EVs and ensure Colorado remains a leader in the EV market.

  • Antique Salida power station has large hydropower system

    Colorado Energy Office aids in identifying municipal hydropower projects

    CEO's hydropower market assessment highlights the state's opportunity to capture otherwise wasted energy potential from municipal water delivery systems across Colorado. CEO-hosted training workshops will aid in identifying municipal hydropower projects.

  • Electric vehicle is charged with front plug-in leading to streetside charger.

    Alternative Fueled Vehicle Tax Credits

    Did you know that Colorado has some of the best tax incentives for alternative fueled vehicles, including electric vehicles, in the country? Click here for more information.

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