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Refuel Map May 2017

Refuel Colorado Fleet Coaches

Refuel Colorado technicians are available statewide and free-of-charge. Local technicians help fleets identify monetary savings and other advantages from converting to alternative fuels. The program works to build self-sustaining alternative fuel markets by working with a variety of stakeholders including, but not limited to, fleets, communities, fuel providers, dealerships, and advocacy groups.

Refuel Colorado technicians may help to aggregate CNG fuel commitments and make the case for CNG in key locations by calculating the life-cycle cost savings from switching to alternative fuel vehicles and connecting local public and private fleets with fueling opportunities.

Refuel techs also may engage with other stakeholders, including dealerships, utilities, decision-makers, and communities to create an ecosystem of broad support and resources necessary for a successful transition to alternative fuels.

For additional information, contact Maria Eisemann, Colorado Energy Office, at


Refuel Colorado

For Refuel Colorado program information and contacts for coaching territories, refer to the Refuel Colorado Coaching Flyer.

For guidance on conducting electric vehicle group buy programs, refer to Electric Vehicle Group Buy Programs: Handbook & Case Studies (July 2018).

For information on funding opportunities for alternative fuel vehicles and infrastructure, refer to following documents and contact a Refuel Coach for additional support: