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    Do you know a worker, a business, an individual or an organization that has made a noteworthy contribution to the quality of life for people with a disability? These awards are an opportunity to recognize those achievements!

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    The Division of Vocational Rehabilitation is a vital business partner with expertise in identifying candidates with disabilities to help you increase your competitive advantage through embracing diverse perspectives. Don’t take it from us, hear from businesses partners and clients. View our testimonials>

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    Division of Vocational Rehabilitation

    The Division of Vocational Rehabilitation assists people with disabilities to succeed at work and live independently. Our vision is that people with disabilities are essential to the success of Colorado's workforce and communities.

    Colorado offers a strong, diverse workforce you may not even know about. These men and women have a range of skills and abilities, and they could really help your business grow - if you only knew where to find them.

    We are committed to helping our employer partners find candidates who are skilled, loyal, and committed to your success. Even after placement, employers and employees get ongoing support from our professional staff, including job training, guidance on the ADA regulations, and information on disability and employment guidelines. We can also help with financial incentives and facilitation of tax credits.

    Across Colorado, too many workers with proven skills are currently left out of the workplace. As Colorado's leading placement organization for people with disabilities, the Division of Vocational Rehabilitation is working to change this by bridging talent and ability so companies and employees succeed.

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