State Claims Board



The State Claims Board will meet at 1:30 p.m. on Wednesday, December 18, 2019,

at the office of the Attorney General, 1300 Broadway, Conference Room 1F, Denver, Colorado.

Agenda for Regular Business Meeting


The Board may reorder the agenda to accommodate the needs of the attendees.

Call to Order




1. Rachel Bribiesca v. Marvin W. Foote Youth Services Center and Facility Maintenance

Arapahoe County District Court

2. Fitzpatrick v. CDOT

3. Rogers, et al. v. Colorado Department of Corrections

U.S. District Court

   Rabinkov, et al. v. Colorado Department of Corrections

U.S. District Court

4. Vigil v. Department of Human Services, Division of Youth Services









The State Claims Board meets regularly to oversee the management of the risk management fund (Section 24-30-1510, C.R.S.).   


The Executive Director of the Department of Personnel is charged with the efficient operation of the risk management fund. For purposes of the State Claims Board the fund pays liability claims and related expenses brought against the state, its officials, or employees pursuant to the Colorado Governmental Immunity Act, or arising under federal law, which the state is legally obligated to pay, or which are compromised or settled.


The State Claims Board meetings are scheduled in March, June, September, and December (tentatively set for two hours). 

All meetings are held at the Colorado Attorney General’s office at 1300 Broadway, Denver, CO. 


A Notice of Public Hearing is posted one week prior to the meeting.  Those who post the notice are the Secretary of State, Risk Management, DPA, the State Treasurer’s office, and the office of the Attorney General.


The State Claims Board is comprised of the Executive Director of the Department of Personnel, the Attorney General and the Treasurer of the State of Colorado:


State Claims Board Members

Phil Weiser, Colorado Attorney General

Dave Young, State Treasurer

Kara Veitch, DPA Executive Director


For more information about the State Claims Board contact:

Elaine Sanchez