Lost/Stolen Driver's License, Permit or ID Card

Colorado statute does not permit adults over 21 years of age to purchase a duplicate driver’s license.  Duplicate licenses may be issued to minors under 21 years of age and CDL holders (the expiration date will not change).
Adults who need to replace their license must apply for a renewal. The expiration date will change upon renewal and any previously issued license will no longer be valid.
  • Check your online renewal eligibility
  • Check your renew by mail eligibility
  • Schedule an appointment - you may also visit any driver's license office during normal business hours without an appointment
  • If you are an adult licensed driver and currently out of state or country, you may request a duplicate to be mailed to you.  Complete a reissue out of state form and return to the Department of Revenue with your payment
If visiting a driver’s license office to replace your license, permit or ID, be prepared to:
  • ​Verbally provide your name, date of birth and Social Security number
    • If the Social Security number you provide does not match the Social Security Administration records or your fingerprint cannot be captured, you will be requied to show one form of acceptable identification
  • Provide proof of address which is anything with your name and current residential address such as bank statement, utility bill, rent agreement, medical record, pay stub, school record, vehicle registration, check book, etc.  Click here for complete list of acceptable documents
  • Pay applicable fee
For additional information, call 303-205-5694