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Welcome to the Center for Organizational Effectiveness (COE). COE designs and delivers exceptional training and professional development opportunities for State employees that enhance capacity, maximize efficiency and are linked to organizational goals. We accomplish this through personal, professional and organizational development and training opportunities.

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Featured Workshop:

Motivating and Engaging Others

This course is designed to equip employees and Leaders to motivate and encourage those they with and supervise. Learn how to use tools and resources to increase awareness of the different motives that drive behavior and influence performance. Learn principles, processes and practices that maximize managerial, leadership and collaboration skills. Identify the cognitive biases that impact ability to be an objective and inclusive team member, and leader. Participants will complete the Birkman On Demand® Assessment to gain deeper insight into the needs that drive their strength and stress behaviors.

The cost of this workshop is $425. Participants will be provided printed participant’s guide, some handouts and supporting course materials.

Learning Outcomes:

Upon completion of this course, participants will be able to:

  •          Discover principles, processes, and practices that maximize building/maintaining relationships and collaboration skills.
  •          Explore factors in the workplace that motivate employees and individuals.
  •          Define motivation, encouragement, and engagement so leaders can build a positive and productive work environment.
  •          Describe the theories which pertain to employee motivation with particular reference to research in the behavioral sciences.
  •          Develop action plans to use as a roadmap to increasing effectiveness.