Center for Organizational Effectiveness

Welcome to the Center for Organizational Effectiveness (COE). COE designs and delivers exceptional training and professional development opportunities for State employees that enhance capacity, maximize efficiency and are linked to organizational goals. We accomplish this through personal, professional and organizational development and training opportunities.

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Featured Workshop:

    Coaching Skills for Supervisors and Managers

    Course Overview

    This course is designed for leads, supervisors, and managers who want to increase their skill level in coaching their employees. Research has shown that the quality of the relationship between a supervisor and his or her reports is one of the most effective characteristics behind high productivity, customer services, and employee satisfaction. Coaching  between supervisor and report is one way to develop a high quality relationship. In this workshop participants will learn how coaching creates an environment and culture of engagement. Explore the coaching model and sharpen your skills and abilities to create positive beliefs, effective skills, and systems and processes.


    Learning Outcomes:

    Upon completion of this course, participants will be able to:

    • ​      Discover and position employee based on their strengths and talents.
    •       Identify when to coach and when to use other strategies.
    •       Practice re-framing, re-anchoring, rapport building, and reinforcement techniques to connect with employees.

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    Governor's Talent Challenge

    Don’t miss out on the chance to get matching funds from the Governor’s Office for high quality Lean training and coaching. Did you know that Lean projects in Colorado state government, on average, have cut the time to serve our customers by one-half? The first round of the CO Talent Challenge is for Lean Training. The State’s training partners under this innovative contract will be Government Performance Solutions and Honsha. Both training partners are experienced in providing hands-on Lean training, and both are incentivized to provide a robust level of coaching for participants, including support through the execution of a Lean project.

    Learning Objectives 

    1. Participants will learn the Lean methodology and execute a Lean project that benefits their customers
    2. Participants will improve their confidence and abilities in pursuing continuous improvement; using data to drive decisions; and employing customer feedback to improve processes.

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