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New: Moment Health Mindfulness

The State of Colorado is partnering with Moment Health, a UnitedHealth Group business, to bring State employees expert-led mindfulness programs. State of Colorado employees can participate in the Moment Health Mindfulness "Be Here and Now" program, free of charge. 

What is mindfulness and why is it important?  

Mindfulness is simply the practice of being fully present in the moment and research shows that it can improve health, happiness, performance and overall well-being. Mindfulness has also been demonstrated to improve relationships, lower stress and improve focus and attention. Mindfulness Be Here How is a six-session introduction to the mindfulness program, where you will learn the basics of mindfulness as well as how to apply to your daily life. The 55 minute weekly sessions are taught virtually via Webex by an experienced and certified mindfulness facilitator. Since the program is being delivered virtually, you can attend from anywhere that has an internet or phone connection. You may also want to organize a room at your location and attend as a group with your teammates (registration required by all attendees).

Please register for the class series that best fits your schedule:

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