Employee Value Proposition


Statewide Position Statement

State employees make Colorado an amazing place to learn, work and play. We want every day to feel like an opportunity. We want to be surrounded by innovation, vibrant optimism and creativity. Most of all we want to feel like we’re doing what we’re meant to be doing. It’s our nature. Working for Colorado means being surrounded by people who share your vision. It’s where making a difference meets a pioneering spirit. Reach your peak state and together let’s share everything we love about Colorado.




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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is the purpose of the State of Colorado EVP?

In our continued commitment to recruiting, rewarding and retaining an engaged workforce, it is imperative that employee values are identified and recognized. An EVP describes what employees get in return for their contribution and work. It represents the state's culture, benefits package and brand in the eyes of current and prospective employees. It describes the employee experience and is used to attract and retain talent. The EVP is our commitment to employees and it outlines the state’s unique employee policies, rewards, programs and total compensation package. 

  • How was the State of Colorado EVP Developed?

We’ve gathered a lot of research to create the EVP. We’ve reviewed Employee Engagement Surveys, Exit Survey data and workforce data to understand why you work for the state and what is important to you. Specifically, the EVP was developed using data gathered through the State of Colorado Employee Engagement Survey (2011-2015), Exit Surveys (2013-2017) and Workforce data (2014-2017). Data was analyzed to identify key trends and themes among what employees value while working for the State, what drives satisfaction and where deficits exist. These themes were expanded on and a draft was developed. This draft was vetted and approved through a defined process. This included senior and executive management of DPA. Following this, a focus group of representatives from across the state was developed to begin the test phase of the EVP. Feedback from state employees has been and remains critical in the success of this campaign.

  • How does the EVP apply to such a large number of employees?

Because of the large and diverse population of the State of Colorado workforce, it is important to recognize that employees differ in what they value and in the overall career experiences they desire. With such a wide range of demographics, the EVP elements can be combined in ways to motivate employees across agencies and the state. Employee motivation is unique and the combination of elements will vary across agencies. A successful EVP must be targeted to the values of the people the employer seeks. For the State of Colorado, this means flexibility throughout agencies to utilize the EVP to best fit their needs. 

  • How does the EVP benefit current state employees?

By identifying what employees value, the state as an employer can better evaluate how they are meeting the needs of employees and provide employees with what they deserve, in exchange for the important work they do. This means strengthening the elements of the EVP across the state: Engaged leadership, meaningful work and career development, competitive pay and total rewards package, supportive environments and employee wellbeing. Above all, the state is committed to supporting employee wellbeing and success at home and work.

  • How does the EVP benefit potential state employees?

In today’s changing work climate, prospective employees have options. By strengthening what employees value, the state can extend these rewards to prospective employees in exchange for their talent. 

  • How does the EVP benefit the State of Colorado as an employer?

The development of an EVP is a vital part of the state’s efforts to recruit, reward and retain an engaged workforce. In order to attract the best talent in a diverse workforce and to be the choice of employment over the competition, the state must understand employee values and do what is possible to meet these statewide. In addition defining the elements within the EVP, agencies are able to take inventory of rewards available to employees. Improving rewards improves the employee experience and creates more engaged employees. This is a benefit to everyone. Most of all, the EVP is the state's commitment to employees.