The Colorado Talent Pipeline Report

In accordance with 24-46.3-103 C.R.S. as amended by SB14-205, the Colorado Workforce Development Council is pleased to present the Colorado Talent Pipeline Report in partnership with the Department of Higher Education, the Department of Education, the Department of Labor and Employment, and the Office of Economic Development and International Trade, with support from the Office of State Planning and Budgeting and the State Demography Office at the Department of Local Affairs.

2017 Colorado Talent Pipeline Report Overview

2016 Colorado Talent Pipeline Report

2016 Talent Pipeline Report

  • Highlights the main points to know around top talent issues, such as the gig economy, the impact of demographics on our future workforce, the impact of postsecondary education on employment outcomes.
  • Analyzes “top jobs”—high demand, high growth jobs that pay a living wage. This includes both a higher earnings tier (living wage for a family of three) and a lower earnings tier (living wage for an individual).
  • Provides overviews of the status of current talent development initiatives—including sector partnerships KPI survey results, current status of career pathways work and 2-gen strategies, and how initiatives/partners like Skillful, STEM, and CareerWise fit into the big picture, etc.


Appendix A—Top Jobs—Tier 1 by Occupation Cluster
Appendix A – Top Jobs – Tier 2 by Occupation Cluster
Appendix B—Top Jobs—Tier 1 by Education
Appendix B—Top Jobs—Tier 2 by Education
Appendix C—All Top Jobs Spreadsheet
Appendix D—Changes in Top Jobs from Last Year to this Year
Appendix E—HB 15-1170 PWR Coordinator Update
Appendix F—Top Jobs Skills
Appendix G—HB 16-1289 Career Development Success Pilot Program

Appendix H—Additional Information Regarding Specific Collaborators
Appendix I—Overview of Information Technology in Colorado

Prior Talent Pipeline Reports

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2016 Tech Talent Forum Report

Scaling Up Work Experience Programs

Scaling Up Work Experience Programs: Policy and Practice Choices for Colorado - a paper commissioned by the Colorado Workforce Development Council and written by Lindsey Woolsey of the Woolsey Group, LLC

COIN Innovation Report

Annually, the Colorado Innovation Network publishes an innovation report that explores and evaluates Colorado’s innovation progress. Founded on the pillars of Talent, Ideas, Capital and Entrepreneurship, COIN examines data, statistics, and ecosystem insights across these elements which are fundamental to the promotion of innovation. The future economic growth of Colorado will depend on the state’s ability to encourage innovation in an environment conducive to its development and adoption.

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Preliminary work served as guidance for the Colorado Talent Pipeline Report.

Supply-Demand Brief, December 2016

The Colorado Department of Higher Education offers a brief outlining a supply-demand analysis of Colorado postsecondary graduates as they compare to anticipated job openings.