• Left to right - CSSRC Staff Member Brad Stiles and Former Governor Bill Ritter. Also visible are Melissa Weiss, Christine Harms and Margaret Ochoa.  2018 Safe Schools Summit. 

  • CSSRC Director, Christine Harms at the 2018 Safe Schools Summit.

  • CSSRC Resource Specialist, Evan West.

  • Margaret Ochoa, CSSRC, presenting at the 2018 Safe Schools Summit. 

  • Former Governor Bill Ritter Celebrates the 10th Anniversary of the CSSRC. October, 2018. 

  • CDPS Executive Director, Stan Hilkey at the 2018 Safe Schools Summit. 

  • 201 Legislative Report.

    2017 Legislative Report.

    The Colorado School Safety Resource Center Legislative Report is out now. Download the report here. Or visit the About Us page to download a copy.

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