• Out now for iOS and Android.

    CSSRC Scenario Snapshots is a new app to conduct simple scenario based learning on school emergency procedures with a variety of school audience members including adults and students across all grade levels. This innovative tool has been developed by the Colorado School Safety Resource Center. Available now for Ios and Android.

  • 201 Legislative Report.

    2016 Legislative Report.Coming Soon

    Coming Soon The 2016 Colorado School Safety Resource Center  Legislative Report. 

  • SEM

    School Emergency Management Training in 2016

    The Center continues its work with the Colorado Department of Education to provide the training for the U.S. Department of Education’s grant for School Emergency Management.  Sixty-four teams have already participated  in a series of three one-day workshops with a goal of training 100 teams across the state. Find more Emergency Planning resources and toolkits in our resource section.

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