Colorado's Water Plan Implementation

Colorado's Water Plan: One Year of Implementation 
In November of 2015, the CWCB Board voted to approve Colorado’s Water Plan and deliver the plan to Governor Hickenlooper and the people of Colorado. To get to that moment, it took 30 months of drafting, 3 draft water plans, 8 Basin Implementation Plans, 30,000 public comments, and many years of discussions.

The success of the plan comes from implementing the objectives, goals, and actions Coloradans developed in order to ensure the state’s most valuable resource is protected and available for generations to come. Coloradans have been hard at work doing just that over this past year. And they will continue to do so for many years to come to ensure our state finds solutions and strategies that balance our diverse water needs and move the state forward together.

To honor this hard work, Governor Hickenlooper issued a proclamation declaring November 16 as Colorado's Water Implementation Day.

To find out more about what's been happening on the ground, read the updated November 2016 Colorado's Water Plan Implementation Fact Sheet




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