WIC immunization data access (using CIIS)

The Colorado Immunization Information System (CIIS), also known as the state immunization registry, is a system that collects immunization information for Coloradans of all ages. Local WIC agencies may now access this information.
Benefits of participating in CIIS
You can look up the infant/child’s immunization record in an instant so you can document the number of DTaP shots in Compass, CIIS:
  • Proof of identification (infant or child only). CIIS may be used as proof of ID if immunization records are present in the record.
  • Saves time. CIIS lessens participants’ burden of providing immunization records at WIC appointments.
  • Displays recommended immunizations as well as immunizations that may be overdue.
  • Allows for appropriate referral. If one or more immunizations are listed as recommended in CIIS, the list may be shared with the endorser/proxy and the family referred to where immunizations may be received.