WIC Certification Program

Welcome to the Colorado WIC Certification Training Program
Links and resources to all the required training activities can be found here. The Colorado WIC Program requires all training activities to be successfully completed and documented according to the instructions in the New Employee Training Guidelines.
Step 1: Review the New Employee Training Guidelines.    
Step 2: Fill out the New Employee Information Form
Step 3: Refer to the orientation checklists for all required and recommended training activities. 
Paper modules, online courses and activities
Step 4: Complete Level I
Within three months of hire. At the conclusion of each paper module and online course, an online post-test is required. Refer to the CO.TRAIN Quick Guide for instructions.
After successful completion of the Level I paper modules and post-tests, the new employee will be observed and records reviewed by the supervisor/trainer using the forms below.
Step 5: Complete Level II
Within six months of hire. At the conclusion of each paper module and online course, a post-test is required.
Step 6: Complete Level III
Within nine months of hire. At the conclusion of the online course, a post-test will be administered. The online course contains additional resources to extend the learning.  


For questions about staff training, please contact your nutrition consultant or Brigitte Boyd, nutrition consultant, at brigitte.boyd@state.co.us or 303-692-2380.