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Tobacco FY19 funding reductions

The Tobacco Review Committee (TRC), over a series of three meetings, reviewed new forecasts from the Colorado Legislature, which point to a sharp drop in future revenues. The review committee determined that it needs to cut approximately $1.7 million from the FY19 funding portfolio, and adopted a funding reduction plan. The STEPP team is committed to making internal spending reductions that lessen the burden of cuts to grantees and that ensure we all contribute equitably to the solution and long-term sustainability for the grant funds. The funding reduction plan adopted at the August meeting consists of several strategically targeted reductions in grants and a 2.5 percent across-the-board cut to all grantees. You can find more background information in the September memo. Please see the revised FY19 funding portfolio and Core/formula funding (LHA) information.
Recent funding opportunities
Tobacco FY19-21 funding approvals
The state Board of Health and Tobacco Education, Prevention and Cessation Grant Program is pleased to announce the FY19-21 grant funding portfolio.
The Tobacco Review Committee (TRC) approved a three-year funding cycle to start on July 1, 2018, with an annual allocation of approximately $23 million - the anticipated three-year average fund balance from state fiscal years 2019-2021. The TRC voted to allocate funding among four categories consistent with the recommended funding framework outlined in the CDC’s Best Practices for Comprehensive Tobacco Control Programs: state and community efforts, cessation, mass reach media, and surveillance and evaluation. The funding framework is designed to enable evidence-based programming statewide. It also allows Colorado to prioritize populations with higher than average burden and conduct innovative projects to enhance the evidence base of effective strategies for these priority populations. Funding allocations are as follows:
  • State and community interventions: approximately $9.38 million per year.
  • Cessation interventions: approximately $6.35 million per year.
  • Mass reach media interventions: approximately $5.88 million per year.
  • Surveillance and evaluation interventions: approximately $1.96 million per year.
Please find the complete FY 19-21 STEPP funding portfolio approved by the Board of Health on March 21, 2018.
The program and the committee very much appreciate the planning, feedback and engagement that helped shape the FY 19-21 STEPP funding announcement.
Innovative Interventions - Request for Applications (RFA) #7513
Approximately $2.5 million annually was made available through the innovative interventions RFA #7513. The RFA was released in the summer of 2017 to solicit applications to fund innovative approaches to address tobacco-related inequities, with a focus on interventions that reach the remaining 15 percent of Colorado adults who smoke. These initiatives will focus on reaching and engaging priority populations with tailored approaches where they live, work, play and receive medical and social services, using the following strategies: State and Community Tobacco Interventions and Cessation Interventions.
The application period for the RFA #7513 is now closed, but you may still view the following:​
FY19-21 core/formula funding (LHA) information
Please find a high-level preview of the tobacco control interventions proposed for local public health agency-led work under Core Tobacco funding for FY 19-21.
FY19-21 grantee contracts webinars


Future funding opportunities

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