Solid waste management

Solid waste public notices
Public notices, Certificate of Designation applications for public review and comment
Management options
Waste tire fee, grants and funding, end users program, waste tire haulers and facilities, registration and renewal, annual reporting, contact information
Stakeholder process, registration, reporting, list of commercial facilities
Registration requirements, annual reporting, waste grease registrants list, registered waste grease transporter list, notice of registration and fees, financial assurance, guidance, forms and applications, regulation, contact information
Information for households, health care facilities, waste transporters, waste treatment providers; guidance and interpretation, contact information
Asbestos forms, certification, regulations, permitting information, disposal, contaminated soil, contact information
Residential recycling, household hazardous waste collection program, preparing products to make them safer for disposal, prohibited from landfill disposal, information for residential medical and pharmaceutical waste, information for residential electronic and computer waste, contact information
Find a recycler, recycling grants and incentives, registration, reporting, requirements for recyclers, regulations, contact information
Information for residents, businesses, governments, institutions, industries, recyclers, landfill operators; recycling options, guidance, contact information
Drop-off locations, registered brands, regulatory information
Regulatory information
Statutes, regulations and regulation development (stakeholder process)
Solid waste generators and facilities, cleanup, medical and pharmaceutical, waste grease, waste tires
Lists of solid waste and materials management facilities
Solid Waste Permitting Unit, staff assignments map, Certificate of Designation applications for public review and comment
Waste tire reports, program reports, recycling data, statewide landfill disposal statistics, data origins and interpretation, contact information
Solid Waste Compliance Assurance Unit, staff assignments map
Alternative waste management, such as recycling, composting and beneficial use of solid wastes like waste tires
Asbestos, composting, financial assurance, impoundments, recycling, solid waste, waste grease, waste tires, registration and renewal, annual reporting, manifests
Training materials
Third-party cleanup estimates, financial assurance cost adjustment, approved mechanism language, contact information