Pueblo Chemical Depot hazardous waste storage permit

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We regulate the Army's programs that:

Store hazardous waste generated at Pueblo Chemical Depot

Clean up environmental concerns from historic operations there

Multiple Pathway Health Risk Assessment - EDS and PCAPP (temporarily disabled)

Permit Issued September 16, 2014 with Explosive Destruction System (EDS) Modification - files updated June 22, 2017

Permit No. CO-13-12-23-01 contents
1 - Facility Description (10/04/17)
2 - Hazard Prevention
3 - Waste Characteristics and Waste Analysis Plan
WAP 3-4 - EDS
There are several additional appendices in this attachment that are quite large.  If you wish to get a copy of these electronically, please contact Jeannine Natterman using the contact information below.
4 - Contingency Plan
8 - EDS Process Description
Some of these files are quite large. If you have difficulty downloading them or would like a complete copy of the permit, please contact:
Jeannine Natterman
888-569-1831, extension 3303