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The Office of Health Equity began in 1999 to ensure all Coloradans, regardless of their background, have an equal opportunity to reach their full health potential.
We address the health disparities that exist in Colorado communities including (but not limited to) racial and ethnic minorities; lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT); aging; people living with a disability; low-socioeconomic and geographic populations.
Our staff, office functions and history.
When it comes to reporting data on health disparities, data or information may have the opposite effect we hope it does; it can perpetuate negative stereotypes or victim-blaming. To avoid this, a group of CDPHE employees developed a statement on structural inequity.
The Health Equity Commission advises the department through the Office of Health Equity on health equity issues, focusing on alignment, education and capacity-building for state and local health programs and community-based organizations
Our biweekly news providing inspiration and tools for health equity and environmental justice work. We hope you'll join us in changing Colorado's story.