Colorado NextCycle

NextCycle teams have been announced as of February 12, 2019. 

Colorado NextCycle is an incentivized business incubator designed to improve the end markets for recovered commodities and organic materials in Colorado.

  • DESIGN new technologies, products and markets.
  • RENEW recycled materials into new products.
  • REVIVE local and regional circular economies.
A free library of resources is available to all interested teams. The resources have been chosen to assist project teams in developing and strengthening their Letter of Intent and includes resources on: business plan development, financial resources, policy, material and diversion data, infrastructure, and industry and market resources. 
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What is it?
Colorado NextCycle assists cross-sector teams in preparing their business concepts for the department's grant application/award cycle in 2019. Business concepts can include:
  • Developing end markets for recovered commodities and/or organic materials.
  • Secondary processing of recovered commodities and/or organic materials.
How is it different?
Unlike other grant cycles, Colorado NextCycle provides the following: 
  • Technical Advisory Committee (TAC): The committee is composed of subject matter experts covering materials processing, infrastructure, manufacturing, finance, risk assessment, partnerships, market development and more.
  • Access to Jump-Kit: The jump-kit contains basic material recovery information and program participation instructions.
  • Financial Support: Each team selected to participate in NextCycle receives a modest grant to assist with research and development of their idea and business plan.
  • Access to Data Room: Teams selected to participate will gain access to the data room, an information resource containing local/regional population and waste data, supply chain modeling, commodity market pricing, regulatory and policy information, and more.
Why do we need it?
Our newly adopted statewide waste diversion goals aim to more than double the state’s current recycling rate to 45 percent by 2036. Colorado’s geography and changes in international end markets pose significant challenges to meet that goal. Colorado will need strong regional infrastructure and robust end markets to form a more sustainable domestic recycling economy within the region. 
How does it work?
September 2018 – January 2019
  • Cross-sector teams form and develop solution ideas.
  • Jump-kit publicly available. 
  • Teams submit letters of intent for acceptance into NextCycle by December 14th, 2018.
  • Department representatives select teams to join NextCycle.
February 2019 – Mid-2019
  • Project teams selected and announced. NextCycle project teams announcement.
  • Each team selected for NextCycle receives a $5,000 grant to assist with research and development of their idea and business plan.
  • Each team is eligible for coaching from the Technical Advisory Committee to turn ideas into viable business plans. 
  • Data Room available.
  • Teams submit their refined business plans to compete in the department's 2019 open grant cycle for large-end market dedicated grants.
Phase 3: Mid-2019+
  • Recipients of the end market grants will begin implementing their business plans and improving the end markets for recovered commodities and organic materials in Colorado. 
Who is funding it?
Funding for Colorado NextCycle is provided by our existing grant fund dollars. In addition, external financial partners and investors are being sought to support and extend our investment in Colorado NextCycle.
For more information, please email or call the NextCycle project team, Juri Freeman and Beth Coddington