Medical marijuana

Application form; who can apply; how to apply; renew your registration card; report a lost, stolen or damaged card; application review process; standard processing time; application status; reasons for rejection; reasons for denial; reapplication process; appeals process
New forms, proof of residency requirements, caregiver patient limit waiver reviews
Sample card and security features overview
Forms, tips for successful submissions, documentation requirements
Medical Marijuana Registry patient demographic and geographic data
Process for submitting a request for medical marijuana registration data, available data
Eligibility, responsibilities, transporting marijuana and supplies, waivers, law enforcement and proof of patients, registry cards, Voluntary Caregiver Registry
Verify purchaser's application isn't denied, documents required for purchase
Medical marijuana laws, Colorado Constitution Article XVIII, Board of Health regulations, qualifying medical conditions
Report suspected illegal medical marijuana activities, officer certification of patient status, submit a subpoena to the registry
Newsletter and policy updates for medical marijuana centers and physicians
Information about research grants "intended to ascertain the general medical efficacy and appropriate administration of marijuana"
Duties, membership and meeting schedule for the Medical Marijuana Scientific Advisory Council (MM-SAC) per Senate Bill 14-155, which was passed in May 2014 and amended CRS 25-1.5-106.5
Updates on program changes, opportunities for stakeholder feedback, and notices of upcoming meetings
General updates on all policies, procedures, regulations, legislation and other activities of the registry