Medical Marijuana Registry

We are processing forms received on February 5, 2016

For assistance please e-mail us at: OR Call: 303-692-2184. The Registry does not have a customer service window and does not offer onsite assistance


The registry has released new forms.


Applications MUST BE mailed in "by the patient." Applications mailed in by Centers or Physicians will be rejected. The only exception is if a patient has a Medical Power of Attorney.

To receive your card faster and to avoid rejections:

  • Make sure you have followed instructions on forms prior to submitting.

  • Make sure forms are complete and accurate.  

  • Review your physician certification to make sure it is complete and verify with your Physician that the information on the form is accurate prior to submitting to the Registry.  

  • Mail in your application packet via “certified mail”. Keep a copy of your certified mail receipt.

  • Make sure that all forms and processing fees are submitted together.

Please note:  
Patients are allowed 1 lost and stolen replacement card during their annual registration period.  Additional requests to replace a lost or stolen card will require the patient to resubmit their application packet along with an application processing fee to receive a replacement card.

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