Maternal and child health

The Title V Maternal and Child Health Program (MCH) primarily works with local public health agencies to improve the health of Coloradans using population-based and infrastructure-building strategies. Our mission is to optimize the health and well-being of mothers and children by employing primary prevention and early intervention public health strategies.
The Colorado Maternal and Child Health (MCH) programs works to impact the health of Coloradans by using a population health approach. Learn more about what this means in our This is MCH video.
This Google workbook template is for viewing onlyCustomized templates are shared with the LPHA.
This Google workbook is a reference document showing the templates for each of the Local MCH priority action plans.
Funding through the Office of Planning, Partnerships and Improvement.
Maternal and Child Health Program guidelines and forms for local public health agency partners.
Information about MITs, MCH priority logic models and action plans.
Grant information, narratives, forms, summaries, status report.
Information about the five-year needs assessment process, reference documents, webinar recordings.
Information and resources for the 2021-2025 Needs Assessment
Reports and publications, action guides, training webinars, additional training resources.
Data briefs, trend analysis, data sets.
Information about the meeting, including agendas, presentations and resources.
Information about the 2016 MCH Conference, including dates, agendas, presentations and resources.