Pilot of health/patient navigator competency evaluation

We are inviting recent and upcoming graduates of patient navigator training programs to play a part in our workforce development initiative. We need your help in developing the competency evaluation that will be part of the voluntary credentialing process for health/patient navigators.
The Center for Advancing Professional Excellence (CAPE) on the University of Colorado Anschutz Campus in Aurora, needs a total of 30 recent graduates of PNTC to assist in the pilot test of the evaluation process. Read more about CAPE and the use of patient actors on their website.
Participants are not personally being critiqued, rather the evaluation processes for the credentialing program is being evaluated.
Why participate?
Your participation offers the opportunity to obtain experience related to the evaluation to be used for the credentialing process and to provide feedback on the process.
Please contact Patricia Uris, patricia.uris@state.co.us with any questions.
Registration for pilot evaluation: