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The following resources were collected or developed by the department's health equity and environmental justice collaborative.


Health equity framework
An explanatory model for conceptualizing the social determinants of health.

Health Equity and Environmental Justice Collaborative fact sheet
The Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment's collaborative provides health equity and environmental justice tools to build organizational capacity

Tool: Spectrum of Public Participation
This tool describes the different levels of public participation including: informing, consulting, involving, collaborating and empowering.

Is Collective Impact for You? Know Your Impact!
Provides a glossary of definitions, racial equity practices and a readiness assessment for collective impact.

Bay Area Regional Health Inequities Initiative
The Bay Area Regional Health Inequities Initiative (BARHII) is a nationally recognized leader in transforming public health practice to advance health equity to create healthier communities. 

Digital Storytelling
Rediscover how to listen to each other and share first person stories. The stories that emerge serve as effective tools for change amidst a world of technology and media overload.

Cracking the Codes: the system of racial inequity
Racial Equity Learning Modules prepare students, activists, educators and professionals to act by providing a deeper understanding of systemic inequity, developing skills in communication and healing, and teaching the fundamentals of democratic movement building. This site also includes a downloadable conversation guide.

How do I become culturally competent?
Article on cultural competency, describes methods of embarking on the journey of achieving cultural competency.

Evolution of Health Insurance Marketplaces: Experiences and Progress in Reaching and Enrolling Diverse Populations
Findings presented by Texas Health Institute with a national overview of enrollment progress, followed by a description of outreach and enrollment-related activities targeting diverse populations across the three different types of marketplaces—state-based, federally facilitated, and partnership.

Health in All Policies: a guide for state and local governments
This is a collaborative approach to improving the health of all people by incorporating health considerations into decision-making across sectors and policy areas. The goal of Health in All Policies is to ensure that all decision-makers are informed about the health consequences of various policy options during the policy development process.

Social Determinants of Health How Social and Economic Factors Affect Health
This is the first in a series of publications designed to highlight the importance of health disparities and steps to take to improve them, specifically in Los Angeles County.

Equity in Health and the Power to Thrive: Tangible Solutions to Overcome Structural Marginalization
A presentation by john a. powell on structures, systems thinking and structural marginalization. 

The Importance of Targeted Universalism
Published in an issue of Poverty & Race, the article addresses how to craft public policies.

Framing Disparities: Are you sending the right message?
A one-hour webinar presented by the University of Minnesota.

Health Literacy & Public Health: Strategies for Addressing Low Health Literacy
The training by the New York New Jersey Public Health Training Center provides strategies for considering literacy when creating public health messages for the general public.

Public Health 101 Series on social and health equity 
Five-modules developed by the Alameda County Public Health Department to ensure that all staff have common language and understanding of the issues public health faces.

Cultural Competency Online Course
11-modules of cultural competence training which include ethnocentrism and language barriers, developed by Unite for Sight. 

PBS' Unnatural Causes: Is inequality making us sick?
Video series exploring links between health and social, economic and physical environments

Ted Talk: How economic inequality harms societies
Richard Wilkinson charts the hard data on economic inequality, and shows what gets worse when rich and poor are too far apart: real effects on health, lifespan, even such basic values as trust.