Hazardous waste management

Medical, pharmaceutical and e-waste
Information for households, health care facilities, waste transporters, waste treatment providers; guidance and interpretation, contact information
Information for residents, businesses, governments, institutions, industries, recyclers, landfill operators; recycling options, guidance, contact information
Regulatory information
Generators, transporters, used oil, cleanup, electronic waste, medical waste
Notification of regulated waste activity, self-certification, contingency plan template
Comprehensive compliance checklists covering standard regulatory requirements for certain generators
Statutes, regulations and regulations development
Permitted facilities, facilities that notified of regulated waste activity, inspection and enforcement, environmental covenants and use restrictions, Clean Harbors Deer Trail, Pueblo Chemical Depot
Workshops for environmental and compliance professionals, checklists as a learning tool
Self-certification report, quarterly compliance evaluation reports
Process information
On-site assistance to help you understand how the regulations apply to your facility