eWIC: Electronic Benefits Transfer

WIC clinics statewide are now issuing eWIC cards to WIC familiesWIC clients use their eWIC card like a debit card to purchase WIC approved foods at authorized WIC grocery stores. 




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Find allowable WIC foods
Search by food name, category or Universal Product Code to see if a food will be eligible to buy with your card.

Report a problem

If you believe you found a WIC-allowed item that is not on the approved list or that you were not able to buy with your eWIC card, you can request a review of the item by completing this Colorado Universal Product Code Request Form.


Shoppers can buy as much WIC food as they want at a time. eWIC will keep track of each month’s food allotment.

We can reload the benefits card without the participant having to make a trip to the clinic.

We can get more helpful information about WIC purchases.

Store employees won't have to determine whether a food is Colorado WIC eligible. The electronic system will know.

Works just like a debit card  
Each WIC family will get one eWIC card. At checkout, the WIC shopper will swipe the card, just like a debit or credit card, and enter a personal identification number (PIN). WIC will pay for the allowable foods and deduct them from the family's WIC account.

The family’s food benefits will be added together. For example, a pregnant woman and her 3-year-old receive a total of 72 ounces of cereal, 36 ounces for each. If the mom purchases 12 ounces of cereal, her store receipt will show a balance of 60 ounces of cereal remaining. 

The family will get a monthly report for the total amount of each WIC food benefit.

front of COLORADO eWIC card
back of eWIC card