eCaST system

Cancer and cardiovascular disease screening service delivery contractors are required to manually enter surveillance data in the Electronic Cancer Surveillance and Tracking Web application, known as eCaST.
This link will take you directly to the Web application.
Required eCaST training videos for all programs
Much of the training is different for each program collecting surveillance data through eCaST. Service delivery agencies seeking access to the eCaST system should contact their respective technical assistance staff person:
About eCaST
eCaST is a program management and public health surveillance tool, not an electronic health record. We developed eCaST in 2005. We maintain it meets U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and Cancer grants program reporting and documentation requirements. Programs that collect surveillance data through eCaST include:
  • WISEWOMAN (CDC- and state-funded, we administer).
  • Women’s Wellness Connection (CDC- and state-funded, we administer).
Based on data entered, contractor grant activity statements are generated within the eCaST application for programs we administer, making eCaST data entry the way these contractors access service delivery grant funds.