Drinking water: Private wells

We do not regulate the water quality or provide services for private water wells. Private water wells are those that are not regulated as a public water system under the Safe Drinking Water Act (see below).

Drinking Water From Household Wells​

Our pamphlet, modified only slightly from the original EPA guide to reflect local Colorado information
Addresses damaged wells in the Black Forest burn area but applies to any well damaged in a wildfire
Water Systems Council hotline
  • Information about wells and well water is available from the Wellcare Hotline, operated by the Water Systems Council, a national organization focused on well systems not regulated under the Safe Drinking Water Act.
  • The hotline can be reached by phone at 888-395-1033.
Safe Drinking Water Act
  • The federal Safe Drinking Water Act doesn’t apply to private wells, only to “public drinking water systems” — government or privately run companies supplying water to 25 people for at least 60 days of the year or has at least 15 service connections.
  • Individual well owners have primary responsibility for the safety of the water drawn from their wells. They don’t benefit from the government’s health protections for public water systems, which must comply with federal and state regulations for frequent analysis, testing and reporting of results.