Colorado Health Service Corps renewal information

The application cycle is from March 1 to March 31, 2018.
You are eligible for continued loan repayment funding if your contract is in good standing and you have maintained practice with the same employer organization where you were awarded. Renewals will be awarded by a non-competitive process. 
Award amounts
Award amounts are for full-time renewals. Part-time renewals are eligible for half the amount listed below.
  • $15,000 for physicians and dentists.
  • $8,333 for physician assistants, advanced practice nurses, clinical pharmacists and licensed mental health providers.
  • $3,333 for dental hygienists.
Service obligation
All renewals are for a term of one year. 
Application details

Please apply during the application cycle as follows:

  • March 2018: Current contracts expiring July through December 2018.
  • September 2018: Current contracts expiring January through June 2019.
  • You are eligible for up to five years of renewal support, provided you still have qualifying educational debt.
  • To complete the application, you will need:
    • Personal and site contact information.
    • Current PDF loan statement(s) for your qualifying educational loans.
    • A signed employer acknowledgement form.