Suicide prevention

Need help now? Call
1-800-273-TALK (8255) Suicide Prevention Lifeline
1-844-493-TALK (8255) Colorado Crisis & Support Line
and you’ll be connected to a skilled, trained counselor at a crisis center in your area, anytime 24/7.
Created in 2014 to serve as the interface between public and private sectors in establishing statewide suicide prevention priorities that are data-driven and evidence-based.
What you can do, suicide in Colorado, national resources
Resources and materials supporting suicide prevention
Office of Suicide Prevention Funding Opportunities
Check here for suicide prevention funding opportunities.
Print materials and training opportunities for primary care providers working to prevent suicide
Resources for emergency departments and suicidal patients
Print materials, tools and training opportunities for emergency departments and mental health centers working to prevent suicide
Resources for licensed firearms dealers, ranges and safety instructors
Tool for investigators to use during the death investigation process
Data resources, general injury reports, and data on suicide, adult falls, prescription drug abuse, motor vehicle, child fatality and abuse, marijuana, sexual violence, infant safe sleep
Suicides in Colorado: Data tool for Colorado communities
Interactive data visualization dashboard utilizing Colorado Violent Death Reporting System Data. Guide for using the data dashboard.
Priority public health initiatives, data resources, current grantees
The Role of Public Health in Suicide Prevention
This toolkit can help to provide resources and information to support local public health departments in their efforts to address the issue of suicide within their communities.
Violence and injury prevention training calendar
Upcoming trainings for injury prevention topics, such as sexual violence, suicide, child maltreatment and motor vehicle safety
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