Generally, the appeal process begins with an appeal of a decision to the Division of Unemployment Insurance. After a hearing takes place and a decision is made, that decision may then be appealed to the Industrial Claim Appeals Office.
The Industrial Claim Appeals Office provides opportunities to submit information about the appeal, then a panel reviews and makes a final decision. Any additional appeals take place through the Colorado Court of Appeals.

Submit an Appeal

Appeal an Unemployment Insurance Notice of Decision, including a liability determination, employee misclassification, seasonal status, etc. More>

The Hearing

Learn about the hearing process through Unemployment Insurance. More>

Request a New Hearing

Steps to request a new hearing through Unemployment Insurance.

Appeal a Hearing Officer's Decision

Appeal a Hearing Officer's Decision to the Industrial Claims Appeals Office. More>

Brief or Written Argument

Submitting a written argument to be reviewed by the Industrial Claim Appeals Office's Panel. More>

Panel Decision

Learn about the Industrial Claim Appeals Office's decision process. More>

Appeals FAQs

In-depth questions and answers regarding the appeals process. More>

Reference Library

Review reference material and cases that may assist your with the appeals process. More>

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