The Hearing

Before the Hearing

If you have any evidence or documents you would like to use, you must provide copies to all interested parties listed in your hearing packet before the date of the hearing. Additionally, be sure to thoroughly read the hearing packet.

Register for the Hearing in Advance

You must register for the hearing by 2p.m. Mountain Time the calendar day before your scheduled hearing, including weekends.  For example, if your hearing is scheduled on a Monday, you must register before 2 p.m. Mountain Time on Sunday. To register for the hearing, you must call the Appeals Hearing Registration System at 303-823-4943 or 1-800-376-0835. You will need the Docket ID number in the upper-right corner of your hearing notice. Failure to register by 2 p.m. Mountain Time the day before your hearing will result in a dismissal of the appeal if you are the appealing party. Additionally, the hearing will be dismissed if you are the appealing party and you fail to answer your telephone when the hearing officer calls to begin the hearing.  If you are not the appealing party and you have not registered, the hearing will proceed without you because the hearing officer will be unable to contact you to participate in the hearing. 

Hearing Process  

Hearings begin at the same time stated on the Notice of Hearing and typically last about an hour. If you are participating in person, arrive at least 15 minutes early so that you have enough time to check in for the hearing. 
Review the information in the hearing packet before the hearing and be sure to have it with you for the hearing. If you have witnesses, bring them with you or provide their names and telephone numbers to the hearing officer.
The hearing officer will explain the hearing process and the issues to be discussed in the hearing. The hearing officer will also question the parties and witnesses. You may question the other parties and they may question you. After all testimony is taken, the hearing officer will conclude the hearing. More>


The hearing officer issues a written decision that is mailed as soon as possible to all interested parties. If you disagree with a hearing officer's decision, you may appeal that decision to the Industrial Claim Appeals Office.

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