Submit an Appeal

If you receive a Notice of Decision, Liability Determination, Employee Misclassification, or Seasonal Status decision that you disagree with, you may submit a written or online appeal.

After we receive your appeal and determine a hearing can be scheduled, you will receive notification of the hearing date, time and location by mail. You may participate in the hearing by telephone or in person. More>

How and when do I appeal?

Your appeal must be received within 20 calendar days of the date the Notice of Decision was mailed, so you should submit a written appeal right away. If the 20th calendar day is a Saturday, Sunday, or legal holiday, the due date of the appeal becomes the next business day.

If we receive your written appeal after the 20 calendar day deadline, you will be required to provide a detailed explanation of the reasons why your appeal is late. A hearing officer will review the reasons for your late appeal, and will mail a decision telling you if the late appeal is accepted. More>

During the appeal process, make sure you still request payments online through MyUI or via phone.

Submitting an appeal

To submit your appeal online, log in to MyUI and view your Notice of Decision or complete the form on the back of the mailed Notice of Decision. If you need more room to provide specific details, attach additional pages to the form. More>

Mail your appeal to:

Unemployment Appeals Section
PO Box 8988
Denver, CO 80201-8988

Fax to: 303-318-9248, but make sure to include the front and back of the form.

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