Layoff Alternatives & Transition Services

Work-Share Program

The Work-Share Program provides an alternative to laying off employees. It allows employees to keep working but with fewer hours. While you are working fewer hours, we pay part of your regular unemployment benefits. Download Fact Sheets for Employer or Employees.
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You must have reduced normal weekly work hours by at least 10% but by no more than 40%. At least two out of all employees or two employees in a certain unit must have their hours reduced. In addition, you must:
  • Have earned enough money to be able to collect unemployment benefits.
  • Not have run out of money on an unemployment claim.
  • Sign up for unemployment.
  • Meet all the requirements of the law for us to pay unemployment benefits, except:
  • When we say that you must be available, we mean that you must be available to work for your current employer.
  • You do not have to look for work or apply for work with another employer.
  • Be able and available to work your normal work hours.
  • Be on only one work-share plan at a time.
If you do not work any hours in a week, we would pay regular unemployment benefits for that week (if you meet the requirements of the law). You do not also get the work-share benefits for that week.

NOTE: The first week on any claim is a waiting week. By law, we cannot pay benefits in that week. In order for us to pay any benefits in a week, you must meet all the requirements of the law. We mail a Guide to Unemployment and Getting Paid Benefits to everyone who signs up for unemployment. That guide explains the requirements of the law.

Frequently Asked Questions

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Transition Assistance

The Rapid Response Program provides guidance and information for businesses facing corporate restructuring and downsizing. Services include:

  • Job placement assistance
  • On-site layoff transition workshops
  • Information on the Worker Adjustment and Retraining Act (WARN)
  • Guidance on establishing an on-site career (outplacement) center to assist affected employees with their future employment needs.
  • Services to help reduce employee attrition prior to the defined layoff date

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