Division of Workers' Compensation COVID-19 Updates

As the situation with COVID-19 continues to evolve, the Division of Workers' Compensation will provide all associated updates on this page. 

Emergency Rules 

Effective June 15, 2020

  • Colorado Division of Workers' Compensation Emergency Rules (PDF)

Additional Updates

Customer Service

As of March 26, 2020, the Customer Service lobby is closed. The call center remains open from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm. You may reach the Customer Service Unit at 303-318-8700, toll-free at 1-888-390-7936, or by emailing cdle_wccustomer_service@state.co.us.


The Claims Unit is requesting that all of the following be submitted to cdle_dowc_filings@state.co.us:

  • General Admissions (WC 2)
  • Final Admissions (WC 4)
  • Petitions to Modify, Terminate, or Suspend (WC54)
  • Request for Lump Sum Payment (WC62)
  • *Motions to Close (WC 192) will be accepted only if you are able to provide email addresses for all parties, including the claimant, regardless of representation.*

The email should include:

  • Only one document
    • For example, FA with attachments, GA with Support for Return to Work
    • Do not attach multiple attachments
  • The subject line should include in this order: 
    • WC#, Claimant first and last name, the type of document (FA, GA, Petition, Req for LS, MTC)
  • The Certificate of Service will be the date it was emailed to the Division of Workers’ Compensation

We will not be requiring a hard copy to be submitted once you have access to regular mail as previously instructed

Please send the following to cdle_workers_compensation@state.co.us:

  • Entry of Appearances (WC 6)
  • Worker's Claim for Compensation (WC 15)   
  • Objections (WC 4 and WC 54)
  • Address changes (Claimant and Attorney)


The Prehearing and Settlement Conference Unit will no longer be conducting conferences in person until further notice. Parties shall be prepared to participate in conferences via telephone. Video conferencing may be available upon request at the discretion of the judge. In accordance with this policy, please file amended hearing confirmations to include accurate contact information for the parties. Please submit all pleadings and other filings by e-mail to cdle_down_prehearings@state.co.us with proposed orders in Word format. To facilitate a timely response, avoid filing documents by USPS.    

Fee Schedule

Director’s Interpretations of Issues Impacting the Colorado Workers’ Compensation System (PDF)

Physicians and nonphysician health care providers may conduct evaluation and management services by telephone. To view guidance on how to properly bill for telephone servicesclick here

CPT code 87635 or HCPCS Level II U0002 for the COVID-19 testing?

The Division adopted HCPCS Level II U0002 for COVID-19 testing through an Interpretive Bulletin issued March 17th and assigned a value of $98.70. Both codes report the same service and have the same suggested value, but payers have been instructed to load U0002, so use of this code will help facilitate proper and timely payment. 


For DIME Physicians seeking more information about treatment and appointments, view the DIME Unit's Tips and Tricks

You are strongly encouraged to send documents, reports, etc. via email to imeunit@state.co.us or e-fax to 303-318-8659. To help facilitate a timely response, please avoid sending documents through USPS. 

Coverage Enforcement

To assist in the submission of Rejection of Coverage forms, the Division is offering temporary versions of WC43 and WC45


Effective March 20, 2020, all self-insurance annual renewal document submissions and payments must be done via the online portal. For any questions, please contact Julie Yakes at julie.yakes@state.co.us.

Premium Cost Containment

Effective March 20, 2020, the Premium Cost Containment Unit is requesting that all employers currently certified and those seeking certification submit their application and risk management documents electronically to their assigned PCC Advisor. This request has been sent to agents, brokers, safety consultants, and insurance carriers.      

Division of Workers' Compensation Email Addresses
Unit Email Address
Claims cdle_dowc_filings@state.co.us
Coverage Enforcement cdle_dowc_coverage@state.co.us
Customer Service cdle_wccustomer_service@state.co.us
DIME Unit imeunit@state.co.us
Director’s Office cdle_workers_compensation@state.co.us
Education & Outreach cdle_dowc_communications@state.co.us
Fee Schedule christy.culkin@state.co.us
Medical Dispute Resolution cdle_medicalpolicy@state.co.us
Medical Utilization Review iliana.gallegos@state.co.us
Prehearing & Settlement Conference Unit cdle_dowc_prehearings@state.co.us
Premium Cost Containment dianne.schumacher@state.co.us
Revenue Assessment cdle_revenueassess_dowc@state.co.us
Self-Insurance julie.yakes@state.co.us
Special Funds cdle_dowc_specialfundsunit@state.co.us

For the latest news, visit the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment's COVID-19 site.

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