Chambers Restoration

The Colorado Legislature authorized a three-phase project beginning in 2014 to restore both the House and Senate chambers to their historic appearance that was lost to earlier remodeling projects. Phase One of the project included removal of acoustic tiles on the main floor and gallery of both House and Senate. Walls, stenciling and architectural details were restored to their 1905 period of historic significance and the rooms were updated for modern acoustics.

Beginning with the end of the 2015 legislative session, the project entered into its second phase. During this time period both House and Senate chambers continued to have acoustic tiles removed to reveal stenciling on their ceilings. Coffered ceilings were exposed, skylights restored, and the grand chandelier in the House chamber was restored.

Phase Three of the restoration began at the conclusion of the 2016 legislative session. During this phase the grand chandelier in the Senate chambers was removed and restored, the House antechamber was refurbished and filigree stencil work was restored, and improvements were made in both the House and Senate galleries, where new seating — more reflective of the historic look of the Capitol — was installed.

A photo of the capitol chambers from 2019 compared against a photo of the chambers from the early 1900s

Above, photo by Jeanette Chapman. Below, Historic photo courtesy of Colorado Historical Society.