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    C-SEAP is developing a new way to serve you - video counseling! Check our website in early 2019 for more details.

    Interested in webinars or presentations offered by C-SEAP? Check out our list of newest offerings.

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    Need Support?

    C-SEAP provides confidential counseling to individuals, couples, and families. Typical requests for counseling are focused on work and personal stressors including relationships, stress, symptoms of depression or anxiety, as well as many other concerns.



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    Looking for Growth?

    C-SEAP offers a variety of services to assist with professional and organizational development. Employees can take advantage of coaching services that focus on building Emotional Intelligence and bolstering skills in conflict management and interpersonal communication. In addition, C-SEAP offers training on various topics and facilitation to work groups and departments aiming to improve productivity by reducing conflict.

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    Feeling Stuck?

    Conflict can fester in our workplace relationships increasing stress and decreasing fulfillment in your professional roles. C-SEAP provides mediation to colleagues and co-workers interested in moving past workplace conflict and toward a more productive work relationship. C-SEAP also provides Work Group Facilitation to teams that are experiencing tension, conflict, or significant change.


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