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Welcome to Bear Creek Water and Sanitation District

Bear Creek Water and Sanitation District was formed in 1962 as a "quasi-municipal" corporation under Colorado Revised Statute 32  to provide a method to bring public water and sanitary sewer service to the Bear Creek Valley area. Today the District encompasses approximately four square miles and serves a population of approximately 32,509.

Office: (303) 986-3442
2517 South Flower Street
Lakewood, CO 80227

What’s New

Emergency Response

Field operations and maintenance are accomplished by a private contractor that is on 24-hour call. In the event of a water or sewer mainline emergency, please contact (303) 986-3442 for emergency response.

Note that property owners are responsible for the water and sewer line starting from the tap on the District's main line to the building. In instances where the issue is known to be the property owner's responsibility, a local plumber should be contacted.

If you live in a multi-family community, please contact your Homeowner's Association or Property Manager.

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