The world buys produce from Colorado! Colorado's produce is shipped throughout the US and to over 115 countries around the world.

Colorado's produce industry is ranked from 3rd to 9th in the nation for our primary crops.  Our growing conditions combine to help our farmers grow and ship world class produce to meet the US and the world's consumer preferences.

3rd Head Lettuce 6th Sweet Corn
4th Fall Potatoes 7th Peaches
4th Summer Potatoes 8th Cabbage
5th Cantaloupe 8th Pears
5th Onions 9th Dry Edible Beans

Colorado's farmers and orchards are supplying conventional and organic produce for the world. Beyond our nationally ranked production, Colorado is proud to provide a full range of produce including apples, cherries, spinach, broccoli, and in addition, a complete range of organic produce.

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