RCPP Irrigation Hydro Navigation Guide

Funding Announcement

The ACRE3 program, in coordination with USDA NRCS-Colorado, announces the availability of funding twice a year typically in the Spring and Fall. Pre-applications accepted on a continuous basis. 
Note: Download the application to your desktop and open/complete in Adobe Reader or Pro (not your web browser - which may prevent saving your form).
S.01a RCPP Irrigation Hydropower Pre-Application 
Submit Completed Pre-Application


Pre-planning and Eligibility

Please review this section first. Here, you can find details about the latest funding announcement, find out if hydropower might work on your farm, learn about the different funding programs and eligibility requirements, and download a comprehensive checklist of all the application materials to help you track your application process.

Project Developers should view the Hydro Navigation Guide Resources to download the Agricultural Hydropower Technical Manual, hydropower assessment and design tools, a project planning checklist, and other resources for project developers and program partners.


Step by Step application and project development process

Presented within is a step by step process for the applicant, service providers and partners to follow in completion of the application and project development process.  The RCPP Program Checklist is included and it is strongly recommended that the applicant print this and track completion in conjunction with the step by step process.  Note that not all steps will be completed by the applicant, service providers and partners.


Contact the ACRE3 program Energy Specialist with questions about the program.