Boot Brush Stations

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The Colorado Department of Agriculture Noxious Weed Program has been working with the Forest Service, Boulder county, Larimer county, and the city of Fort Collins on a collaborative "Play, Clean, Go" boot brush station project. Stations will be installed along the front range at the following locations:
  • Gateway Natural Area
  • Bobcat Ridge Natural Area
  • Horsetooth Mountain Open Space - (shown)
  • Eagles Nest Open Space
  • Hermit Park Open Space
  • Rabbit Mountain Open Space
  • Hall Ranch Open Space
  • Heil Valley Ranch Open Space
  • Walker Ranch

What's the problem - why install boot brush stations?

Trail users might be carrying invasive species. Shoes, clothing, equipment, and animals can carry the seeds of invasive plants. Everyone needs to do their part by brushing off shoes, clothing, backpacks, hooves, and paws before entering and leaving the area.

Weeds of concern

Each sign displays the top weeds of concern for the area. Using the boot brush station will help mitigate the spread of invasive weeds most prevalent in the area.

Special Thanks to

Play Clean Go


U.S. Forest Service


Boulder County Parks
& Open Space

City of Fort Collins
Natural Area

Larimer County
Natural Resources

CDA would like to see stations installed at trailheads across the state. If you're interested in collaborating on a project like this, please contact Patty York