• Colorado's Health IT Roadmap

    Efforts to create Colorado's Health IT roadmap are currently underway! This comprehensive high level plan that will provide direction for health IT investments in the public and private sectors for the next 3-5 years. Click here for more details.

  • Colorado's Health IT Roadmap: Workshops

    As part of our efforts to define Colorado's Health IT Roadmap for the next 3-5 years, OeHI is hosting a series of workshops with stakeholders through out Colorado. Click here to learn about our future workshops and details.

What's New

Prime Health Summit

Many thanks to those of you who could attend our Prime Health / OeHI Summit recently - we had a sold out crowd, wonderful cross-stakeholder interactions, and some great ideas generated.  
We're about 1/2 way through documenting and summarizing all of the output from the event, which we'll be bringing to our Innovation Work Group (sub committee of our eHealth Commission). 
There are certainly some important themes emerging, as well as some actionable next steps for our innovation community.
Our Innovation Work Group will continue to develop and integrate the Summit output, as we build upon the start of our Integration Strategic Plan, and then weave that into our State HIT RoadMap.
Our many thanks, again, for your continued support, participation in this year's Summit, and for your ongoing partnership as we advance health care in Colorado!

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