Use of the website

If personal information is requested on the website or is volunteered by the user, state and federal law may protect that information. However, all information becomes a public record once it is provided and may be subject to public inspection and copying if not protected by federal or state law.
Users are cautioned that the collection of personal information requested from or volunteered by children online or by email will be treated the same as information provided by an adult and may be subject to public access.
The following information may be collected during your visit to this website:
  • Internet protocol address and domain name used, but not the email address.
  • Type of browser used and client operating system identification.
  • Date and time visit occurred.
  • Web pages or services accessed at this site.
The information we collect or store is used to improve the content of our Web services and to better understand how people are using our services. 
If during your visit to our site you send an email to us, the following information will be collected:
  • Email address used to send email.
  • Content of the email.
We use your email to respond appropriately. This may be to respond to you, to address issues you identify, to further improve our website, or to forward the email to another agency for appropriate action.