Youth partnership for health

The Youth Partnership for Health (YPH) is a youth advisory council for state, local and community stakeholders. YPH was created to ensure that the needs of young people are included in the programs and policies that affect them. The aim is to represent youth from all over Colorado.
Join YPH
YPH meetings are held in Denver one Saturday per month from September to May. All members are given a stipend of $15/hour and receive reimbursement for travel to meetings.
YPH Applications are open from February 6 - March 6.
If you have difficulty completing the online form or need a paper copy, please contact Lorin at 303-691-4073|
Benefits of membership
Participation in this council will provide opportunities for you to develop leadership skills, increase your knowledge of various health topics and engage in meaningful ways to have your unique voices heard.
Who is YPH?
YPH consists of youth consultants, ages 13-19, all selected for their unique experiences that serve as a foundation from which they can provide open and honest feedback.
Members of YPH are passionate about the health and well-being of youth, as well as being a catalyst for improving outcomes for all young people statewide.
About YPH
This council was started in 2000 and continues to be supported by the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment. Youth consultants on this council provide feedback and suggestions to state and community partners who are working to positively impact the lives of Colorado's youth.